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Healthy Foods That Will Help You to Gain Weight

You will find that there are people who are looking for health benefits on how to gain weight naturally without using any weight gain pills of which they may have some adverse effects. You already know that lots of nutrition and healthy dieting can help to lose weight, but if you find yourself too thin and need help, healthy ways to gain extra weight, here are some few tips to help you out.


a plate of pastaPasta contains carbohydrates that can provide you with a base of high calorie and a healthy meal. You can add marinara sauce rich in glycogen and also add some shredded cheese to gain more calcium and calories. Also, you can as well use Alfredo sauce which contains high calories. Make sure you select pasta made of whole wheat if possible.


Avocados contain mono unsaturated fatty acids, fiber, vitamin K, and potassium. You will learn that one avocado contains lots of calories so it will be a perfect way to gain more calories even without having to sacrifice your proper nutrition. You can make guacamole or add avocado in your sandwiches. It is a healthy fruit which will help in your need for weight gain.

Fruit Juices

Avoid sugary energy drinks and sodas and replace them with fresh fruit juices. Check drinks that are fruit flavored that mostly contain sugar or corn syrup with high fructose because they don’t hold the right percentage of nutritional values like fresh fruit juices. Drinking vegetable juice which is low in sodium is the best though it has low calories, it has all minerals and vitamins you require.

Nuts and Seeds

walnutsSeeds and nuts have polyunsaturated fats, and by consuming them, you will gain healthy calories in your diet. Nuts like and seeds cashews, pumpkin seeds, pecans, walnuts, flax seeds, almonds and Brazil nuts are all beneficial to your weight gain. You can consume seeds and roasted nuts in small amounts, and you will notice the changes in your weight gain.

Dried Fruits

Boost your calories by consuming some dried fruits. Dried fruits contain less volume than the fresh fruits it merely shows that dried fruits contain lots of calories than fresh fruits. You will find that raisins are the most locally available fruits in the store; however, you may as well get tropical fruits, apricots, cranberries and dried berries. Also, you will learn that raisins contain two hundred calories compared to fresh grapes which have sixty calories.