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Can Water Softeners Assist In Curing Eczema?

The eczema story remains one of the favorite editor’s coice articles. Leading scientist have been investigating whether installing a home water softener can reduce eczema symptoms in children. The study also examines the impact of soft and hard water on the skin condition responsible for itchy and dry skin. Reports of eczema are more prominent in areas with hard water. However, it is quite understandable why this is so.

There are millions of people affected by eczema every year.The condition mostly occurs around the neck, face, knees, ankles and inner elbows. In infants, it manifests on their foreheads, forearms, cheeks, scalp, leg and neck. Scientific studies show that hard water is one its primary causes.

Wristband monitors

2A study was undertaken by leading medical practitioners back in 2007 recruited children from 6 months to 16 years suffering from severe eczema. The study partnered with eight other research centers in England. During that period close to 230 children participated. The children or their parents are instructed to note down the eczema symptoms which manifest. They are also issued with a digital wristband that monitors their level of scratching while sleeping at night. The families that participate will use a water softener for 12 weeks. After this period elapses it is taken away for an additional four weeks and any changes noted. All the while the children can continue with their regular eczema treatments.

Impact on case study

A three-month-old baby had a case of severe eczema. He experienced blistering in his skin as time progressed – a sign of atopic eczema. His body had bleeding sores and anytime his skin was exposed he began scratching. The scratching was so incessant to the point he could not sleep for more than an hour. The mother spent a fortune buying different prescription creams that never seemed to work right. However, once he began using the water softener, it took two weeks to notice significant improvements. His sleeping patternimproved and there was no need of wearing special attire that suited him up.

Is it a breakthrough?

During the study, the researchers were eager to ascertain whether it was the impact of soft water that brought about the changes. If verified it will be a breakthrough. With this knowledge, researchers can now lobby for widespread use the water softeners.

Hard water and some of its effects

Hard water can be attributed to limestone particles dissolved into the water – both rainwater or that from rivers and lakes. It passes through the ground and accumulates in reservoirs or aquifers. Limestone the main mineral in hard water is mostly comprised of calcium carbonate. When boilers and kettles are heated, the hard white residue left behind is calcium carbonate. When it mixes up with soap or detergent, it creates scum which leaves spotty deposits on the shower, bath, laundry, and sinks.


3People who use water softeners can tell us more concerning the impact of water softeners on the users. Scientists are demonstrating an eagerness to learn more about the impact of soft water through such studies. Other benefits that are derived from using soft water is a reduction in scale deposits. Your kitchen appliances such as boiler will operate more efficiently. You will make savings on the amount of detergent and soap purchased.